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We have reached our next milestone – 1000 positive reviews, thank you!

Thank you all the Easy man&van team and of course you – our customers. Lets keep the good work. Easy man and van removals reviews.
Here is one of our happy clients :

Happy Easter


Man and van

I hope everyone is safe! We also have managed to survive these hard times. Its already Easter time, and its all about new start and life after death. Its all about Jesus Christ, who died for us and resurrected from the dead. So I hope everyone is celebrating it for right reasons. Ok, but not about that. I hope everyone is having wonderful and sunny holidays and remember , if you need to move after holidays, Easy man and van Removals is here to help you (we are even working on these holidays). If you dont know how to book us, here is the link:

Stay safe! 😉


Man and van Near Me

man and van near me

Hi everyone in these not so easy times. We wanted to let you know, that Easy man and van Removals is still open and up and running as usually, and ready to help you, if you need to move house, flat , office or just single item.

The only change is that due COVID19, we dont take passengers into a van.

As usually we are covering most of UK and you can double check most popular areas here:

Peterborough, Cambridge, Northampton, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Luton, Birmingham, London and rest cities.

We also do long distance moves and most popular at the moment are :

Removals Manchester to London, Removals Leeds to London, Removals York to London, Removals Glasgow to London and of course all rest cities in UK.

Basically nothing has changed and your loyal moving company is here to help you any time.

Also you can check our Happy Client List, which is growing every day.

Lets keep safe and hopefully see you soon.

Easy booking with Easy man and van removals


We have been in business more than 5 years now and we know how to help our customers. We have moved more than 6000 homes and driven thousands and thousands of miles.

We have gained an excellent reputation and as well experience.

So to book a van its very easy, you need just to fill up our online free quotation form HERE

And less than in 30 min time you will have your best moving price in your inbox. Rest steps are easy and quick and in few minutes your van will be booked and then you can relax as Easy man and van Removals will do the rest.

So dont waste your time and money and book with Easy man and van Removals.

Hopefully see you soon 🙂



Removal services due COVID-19


COVID-19 Removals

I hope you all are well in this, not so easy, times. All the world has been paralysed  for months now and UK also has been put on Lockdown for uncertain time.

Due the situation many companies have gone broke and have closed.

We, Easy man and van Removals, moving and removals company, are still in the business, despite of losing most of our profits.

We have reduced our forces, but we are still operating and still offering quality moving and removals services in all London and UK.

Starting from this week, most of estate agencies have re opened and started to help people to organise their moving processes.

So everything is starting to go back to normal, but of course the world wont be the same as we knew it before COVID-19.

Hopefully starting from June people will start to move again and will return back to normal life (of course keeping the distance).

Anyways, Easy man and van is very positive about all this situation and still are helping to move properties.

We are here to help you and we take this situation very seriously (we are taking all the measures to move every move safe- distancing, gloves, masks e.c.).

Lets keep strong together in this situation and, if you need professional and reliable moving company, call Easy man and van or book online.


Professional moving company with 500+ great reviews on Google and Trustpilot.

Hi everyone. Its Autumn and just one month left till Christmas. There is still time to have great Christmas at your new home. Moving is huge step and full of surprises and stressful situations. To make it easier and have it done with less stress, you need to choose wisely, who will help you to move your precious belongings. There are huge amount of different moving companies, which are offering moving and removals services, but only few of them are professional and with good reputation. Before commit to anyone, read reviews on Google and Trustpilot and you will make right decision.

We – Easy man and van Removals are proud to say that we have been highly rewarded from our customers with many positive reviews, thank you for that. It is the best reward for what we do and we are happy to help anyone, who is looking for affordable and quality house, flat and office removals.

Easy man and van Removals has been helping people for more than 5 years and hopefully will do that for another 5 and 10 years.

We are covering all United Kingdom, Wales and even Scotland. Our most popular cities are:

It is just small part of our list, we are covering your city as well.

We also have our other partner company – SFingers Removals

So, if you are due to your house or flat move and looking for affordable and reliable moving company, call or book online Easy man and van Removals.

Happy Autumn everyone!

removal companies london

One of the finest removal Companies in United Kingdom

Genuine and real moving company!

There are hundreds if not thousands of different moving and removal companies in UK. How to know which one to choose?

Most of people just pick  first on Google , but smarter people are looking for reviews. If company dont have reviews, then there are less chances that customer will choose them. Good and reputable companies will definitely have reviews.

Dont look on reviews on company websites, as more than 50 % of them are not genuine. Always check reviews on Google or Trustpilot.

Easy man and van is genuine and real moving company with real reviews. Our customers always come first and we are trying to provide the best service possible. We are always here to help you!

removal companies london

Easy man and van started as local London company, but now we are covering most of UK:

Easy man and van is starting to offer INTERNATIONAL REMOVALS as well.

So if you are looking for trusted and genuine moving company , than look no further.

removal companiesBOOK ONLINE!


removals slough

Multiple man and van hire options

Easy man and van is now offering multiple van and man hire options.

You can hire luton van + transit van, 2 luton vans, 2 transit vans at once ( 1 man, 2men or 3 men team)

This is because of large demand of 7.5t lorries and soon we will have one

man and van removals


Remember, its easier to move with professionals so use Easy man&van for your next move.

national removals

National & International Removals by Easy man&van

Easy man&van is offering National & International Removals

Hi everyone. This summer Easy man&van is starting to offer National&International Removals for everyone who is moving in UK or outside UK.

national removals

Here are some cities we are covering :

Leeds , Manchester, Sheffield, Blackpool, Liverpool, Oxford, Peterborough, Cambridge, Northampton, Bedford, Swindon, Birmingham, Leicester, Bristol, York, Hull, Cardiff, Exeter, Southampton, Brighton, Nottingham, Swansea, Doncaster, Gloucester, Reading, Portsmouth, Hastings, Newport, Lincoln, Grimsby, Skegness, Middlesbrough, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Poole and many more.

Easy man&van do International Removals to Ireland, France, Germany and other EU countries.


So if you are moving or planning to move soon – Easy man&van can help you.


removal companies london

Summer moving with Easy man&van :)

Easy man and van removals will help you!

Hi everyone. Summer is here and its the best time to move and the best way to move is with Easy man&van team. This summer our fleet is becoming even bigger – two new large vans are joining our fleet.

driver with van

We are covering even new areas, here are some of them:

Sorry for boring links, but we would like you to know that we are covering your area as well, even its not in the list.

We hope you will enjoy your Summer and remember – if you need move house, flat removals  or any type of moving van – Easy man and van removals is here to help.